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jazz daiquiri lounge new orleans

The strip mall where the Jazz Daiquiri Lounge is located. 10 people were shot here on July 28.

Gunmen Still On The Run Following New Orleans Strip Mall Shooting

Police are searching for two gunmen who fired into a crowd of people in the parking lot of a New Orleans strip mall over the weekend, killing three people and injuring seven others. The shooting happened at around 8:30 p.m. outside of a jazz bar called Jazz Daiquiri Lounge. The strip mall also has a Cricket Wireless store, fried chicken restaurant, and Money Mart. Two men and one woman were pronounced dead at the scene, while seven others were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Does This Area Have A History of Violence?

The New Orleans police department believes this incident may be gang-related, partly because this section of New Orleans has dealt with other gang-related shootings in the past. The Jazz Daiquiri Lounge, in particular, has been the site of previous gang violence. A man was gunned down outside of the club in May 2008. The shop’s owner, John Matthews, witnessed the murder and eventually testified against the shooter. However, he was shot 17 times in what prosecutors argued was a hit to silence his testimony. Matthews’ brother was then shot and killed near the same strip mall a few days later.

What Are The Legal Options For Shooting Victims?

We discussed the legal implications for victims with crime victim lawyer Brian Kent. While capturing and prosecuting the shooters is the top priority right now, do victims of mass shootings like this one have legal recourse in the civil court system?

The answer to this question heavily depends on the circumstances of the incident. If an area has a history of gun violence, then business owners in that area should take security precautions to help reduce the risk of violence. If security isn’t addressed or there are dangerous conditions at the business that endanger customers and employees, a business owner can be held liable for expenses and personal damages suffered by the victims.

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