New Bedford MA Construction Worker Dies From Electrocution

31-Year-Old Milton Nunez Dies After Electrocution Accident

In the late afternoon of Monday, September 23rd, New Bedford Police responded to a call at 21 Stackhouse St. in the South End of New Bedford. A man had reportedly been electrocuted when the ladder he was carrying came into contact with electrical wires.

Upon their arrival at the scene, the responding emergency units were able to employ life-saving measures to sustain the victim’s pulse. Nunez would then be taken to nearby St. Luke’s Hospital and then transferred to Rhode Island Hospital, where he passed away Tuesday morning.

Milton Nunez was part of a crew of workers completing a roofing job at the residence. It is not clear at this time whether the other workers were involved or witness to the accident as investigations into the specifics of the incident are still ongoing.

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Legal Herald attorney contributor Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com is an experienced personal injury and construction electrocution lawyer. He had the following insight to share with those who may have been victim to electrocution accidents on work sites:

“The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) reports that around 400 workers are killed each year as a result of injuries from electrocutions. Countless others suffer less lethal though equally grave injuries after being electrocuted.

After suffering electrocution injuries, workers often face some tough obstacles: lengthy and intensive recovery periods, shocking medical bills, and loss of income for being away from work. That is, when they’re lucky enough to survive the accident.

Some of the options available to victims of electrocution accidents include worker’s compensation claims. These can be incredibly helpful but often insufficient as the treatment for electrocution-related injuries can be expensive and long-lasting. Depending on the circumstances of the electrocution incident, a lawsuit could also be filed against a negligent party.

Through both of these avenues, the advice of an experienced attorney can help return the financial security and confidence that allows victims and their loved ones to focus on healing.”



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