Stabbing at the Dogwood in Nashville, Tennessee Leaves 2 Dead

Fatal stabbing at The Dogwood in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fight at the Dogwood Leaves 2 Dead and 1 Injured

According to News4, two people were killed in a stabbing outside of the Dogwood at 1907 Division St, Nashville, TN on December 21, 2019 around 3 a.m. The victims were identified as 21-year-old Paul Trapeni and 22-year-old Clayton Beathard. A third victim was treated for injuries but made a full recovery.

Allegedly, an altercation over a woman spilled outside the bar and later escalated into a stabbing. Clayton Beathard was the brother of country singer Tucker Beathard and NFL quarterback CJ Beathard. Midtown Hills Precinct Detectives were assigned to the case and have since discovered the perpetrator to be Michael D. Mosley, who has been arrested and charged with two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted criminal homicide.

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Legal Recourse For Victims Of Criminal Violence

Attorney contributor Brian Kent works closely with victims of violent crime in civil cases. We’ve asked him to share some of his knowledge on the legal options available to stabbing victims and their families.

“Restaurant and other property owners must ensure the safety of their employees and patrons by law. To do this, property owners usually install security on the premises, which includes things like personnel at the door or video surveillance around the premises. Of course, other options may apply. When a stabbing occurs at a place of business, like a restaurant, it is important to look into whether or not there was adequate security offered on site. If proper security measures were not provided, the owner of the property may be negligent and thus liable for any damages that occur on the property.”

“But proving that the security was inadequate is not enough, as the violent crime victim must also be able to show that the crime committed was reasonably foreseeable in nature. What this means is that there were signs in the past that stabbings or other violent crimes were prevalent in and around the area, but the property owner neglected these warnings and chose not to take proper precaution. In all, then, inadequate security on site must be accompanied by a reasonably foreseeable crime in order for the violent crime victim to have a valid crime for a lawsuit,” Kent explains.

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Location of The Dogwood in Nashville, TN




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