Construction Worker In Mt. Pleasant WI Impaled By Metal Rod Is Airlifted

Accident Occurred At Intersection Of Old Fancher Rd And Highway H

An unidentified construction worker suffered a grave injury while on a job site the afternoon of Monday, October 7th.

The South Shore Fire Department responded to a call around 4:30PM from a construction site at Old Fancher Rd and Highway. When they arrived, they encountered a construction worker who had been impaled in his chest by a metal rod.

Paramedics promptly translated the victim to Ascension All Saints hospital for treatment, though after an initial analysis of the injuries, the hospital staff decided to employ the services of Flight for Life to have the victim airlifted to Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa for more advanced treatment.

The circumstances surrounding the incident and how the man came to be injured remain unknown, though an investigation is still ongoing. OSHA officials are likely to carry out their own investigation as well.

Laurence Banville

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A contributor to Legal Herald and experienced construction accident attorney, Laurence Banville offered the following information pertinent to those who have suffered injuries while working on a construction site:

“Construction work is some of the most dangerous in the entire country. This statement is not anecdotal, either. OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, has previously released reports which highlight this fact.

It is estimated that about one-fifth of workplace deaths deal with the construction injury. This should come as no surprise, considering all of the hazards that a worker on a job site can encounter throughout their day.

OSHA is also the federal supervising body that regulates and monitors construction sites throughout the nation, enforcing safety standards and fining those who violate them. OSHA’s duties also include investigating construction accidents as they take place.

When workers are injured on the job, they are sure to face medical care and long-term treatment expenses. Fortunately, there exist avenues for receiving a compensation that can cover these costs and more. The first and most common avenue is a worker’s compensation claim.

While they are helpful when successful, worker’s comp claims can be complex to submit and, if they’re not completed correctly, can offer a minimal compensation and coverage for construction accident victims.

In these situations, it is useful to enlist the help of an attorney, particularly one with vast experience in the field. With the help of a legal representative, victims can be sure that their claims will be fought tooth and nail while they can concentrate on what’s actually important – healing and recovery.”



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