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A former massage therapist at Massage Envy in Mount Pleasant has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a client.

Ex-Massage Therapist Nicholas Coyle Pleads Guilty to Reduced Charges in Sexual Assault Case

A former massage therapist for Massage Envy in Mount Pleasant has pleaded guilty to reduced charges in a sexual assault case.

29-year-old Nicholas Benjamin Coyle pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of first-degree assault and battery. He has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years of probation.

He was originally charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct but pleaded to the reduced charges as part of a plea deal with the prosecution.

Coyle must also attend all counseling considered necessary by the court, including sex offender counseling.

A woman reported that Coyle sexually assaulted her during a massage at the business on Long Grove Drive in December 2017. She filed a police report the same day.

Coyle was promptly arrested, but it took roughly 13 months for DNA evidence to be tested due to a backlog.

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Video From Abuse Guardian Sexual Assault Lawyers on Allegations Against Nicholas Coyle

Lawsuits For Sexual Assaults at Massage Envy

Nationwide massage studio chain Massage Envy has faced lawsuits from dozens of women who allege that their massage therapists have sexually assaulted them. Attorney contributor Brian Kent of AbuseGuardian.com has represented several women in lawsuits against Massage Envy. Here are some of his thoughts on the legal rights of these victims:

Massage Envy is one of the most well-known massage studio chains in the country. Many customers trust this name brand to provide quality massage services, but the company does not always live up to its trusted reputation. There have been hundreds of reports of Massage Envy clients being sexually assaulted by massage therapists.

The owners of these businesses have a legal duty to make sure their clients are safe and their employees are trustworthy. When an employee is charged with sexually assaulting a client during a massage, it’s important to ask whether the business owner did everything they could to prevent the sexual assault. Some of these cases may not have happened if not for negligence by the business.

In cases of negligence, victims of sexual assault at Massage Envy may have grounds for a lawsuit against the company. If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted at Massage Envy or another spa, you can learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation with one of our experienced sexual assault victims lawyers.

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