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Young Avenue Deli in Memphis

Young Avenue Deli in Midtown Memphis, where a man was critically injured in a stabbing on August 5.

Man Stabbed In Chest After Bar Fight Spills Outside

A man was critically injured after being stabbed outside of a bar in Midtown Memphis on August 5. According to police, two men were fighting inside Young Avenue Deli in the Cooper-Young neighborhood. A witness said that several men were arguing over a pool table inside. The fight spilled outside onto the patio. One of the men allegedly took a knife out and stabbed the other man in the chest.

The victim was brought to Regional One in critical condition. No arrest has been made yet, but police say they do know who the suspect is. No names have been released in this case.

The victim’s wife says that he’s had 14 blood transfusions and that his main artery was severed, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Do Victims of Violent Crime Have Legal Recourse?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney shares some thoughts on property owner liability in violent crime cases:

While the police handle the criminal prosecution of violent criminals, crime victims should also consider their options in the civil court system. Some shootings and stabbings only occur because a property owner failed to keep their premises safe. Being a business owner is a big responsibility, and part of this responsibility is keeping the property free of foreseeable hazards – including preventable violent crime. Business owners who fail to guard against preventable hazards can be held liable in a civil lawsuit when a customer gets injured as a result.

Determining liability is complex and will require a case review from an experienced crime victim lawyer. In order to have grounds for a lawsuit, your lawyer will need to show that the business owner’s negligence allowed the crime to occur. For example, a bar located in an area with a gun violence problem could take precautions to prevent shootings, such as searching customers for weapons before they enter the bar. But a failure to take these precautions could be considered negligence.

Premises liability is a complicated legal principle which depends on the unique circumstances of a particular case. If you or someone you love recently became the victim of a violent crime and you’re curious about your legal options, consider discussing your case with an experienced crime victim lawyer.

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