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Purple Haze nightclub

Purple Haze nightclub in Memphis, where 4 people were injured in a shooting on September 10.

3rd Shooting at Purple Haze Nightclub in Less Than A Year

Police are investigating another shooting at a popular nightclub in downtown Memphis. At around 3:25 a.m. on Monday, officers responded to reports of a shooting at Purple Haze, located at the intersection of South 2nd Street and Lt. George West Lee Avenue. On the scene, they discovered that four people had been shot. One victim was listed in critical condition, while the other three were listed in non-critical condition. All four victims were brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

In the hours following the shooting, Purple Haze management announced that they will be temporarily closing the club while they review operations. In a press release by management, Purple Haze said that they were not sure how firearms were brought into the clubs, as they claim to have had strict security procedures in place.

No additional information has been released regarding suspects or any other circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Previous Shootings at Purple Haze

This is the third time Purple Haze has made headlines for violence in the past year.

In April, peace activist Toshia “Choosey Parker” Addison passed away at Regional Medical Center from injuries suffered during a March 18 shooting outside of Purple Haze, in which her boyfriend was also shot.

In December 2017, a man was critically injured during an early morning shooting at Purple Haze on Christmas Day.

When Are Bar Owners Liable For Shootings?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney represents the victims of bar and nightclub shootings and stabbings. We’ve asked him to contribute some information on bar owner liability for shootings and stabbings:

When a shooting or stabbing occurs in or around a place of business, many difficult questions arise. Along with determining who was responsible and holding them criminally responsible, it’s also important to establish whether any form of negligence is partly to blame for failing to prevent the violent incident.

Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe from foreseeable dangers which could hurt their guests. In some cases, violent incidents may be considered foreseeable. For example, a bar with a history of shootings has an obligation to take preventative measures to prevent future shootings, which may be considered foreseeable because of the bar’s history. These preventative measures may include security guards, weapon searches, and other security measures.

Determining property owner liability for a shooting is a complicated process. If you’re curious about your legal options after you or a loved one was wounded or killed in a bar shooting or stabbing, we advise discussing your case with an experienced crime victim lawyer.

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Location of Purple Haze Nightclub in Memphis

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