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Pure Passion strip club

Pure Passion strip club, where 3 people were shot on March 5.

City Considers Shutting Down Pure Passion After Shooting

City officials are considering permanently closing Pure Passion after three people were wounded in a shooting at the strip club early Tuesday morning, March 5. All three people were hospitalized in non-critical condition.

Police responded to reports of a shooting at the club at around 1:17 a.m. on Tuesday. According to the MPD, Pure Passion was hosting a female boxing event.

A man named Adam Nickson was detained by security at the club, as he was seen fleeing the venue with a stolen handgun. He was charged with unlawful possession of a handgun – however, he is not the suspected shooter.

Police are currently searching for a different person of interest with the following description:

  • Male
  • Mid-late 30s
  • Heavy build
  • Full low-cut beard
  • Medium-dark complexion
  • Wearing multi-colored jacket with a logo on the front

Previous Violence at Pure Passion

With several past incidents of violence and drug activity, some city officials have proposed permanently shuttering Pure Passion. It has previously been shut down twice before.

In 2008, the district attorney’s office shut Pure Passion down, labeling it a public nuisance because of alleged drug activity. The club eventually reopened.

In April of 2012, a man was shot and killed outside of the strip club.

In November 2014, four people were shot inside of the club and two were hospitalized.

A security guard was arrested in October 2016 for allegedly participating in a shootout outside of the club, which resulted in one man being hospitalized.

In September of 2016, Pure Passion voluntarily closed following a drive-by shooting that left one man dead and two others injured.

In March of 2017, a man was robbed and shot outside of the club. He was hospitalized with critical injuries.

When Are Bar and Nightclub Owners Liable for Violence?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney is a former prosecutor who now represents victims of preventable crimes in civil lawsuits. Here is Brian’s perspective on bar owner liability for shootings, stabbings, and other violence on their properties:

Bar owners and all other types of property owners have a legal duty to keep their properties safe and secure. This is especially important for bar and nightclub owners, as violence can be common at these types of locations. When a bar or nightclub shooting happens, there are many important concerns to address. The victims must get immediate medical care, the shooter must be found and arrested, and the bar must also be investigated to determine if the shooting was preventable.

In some nightclub shooting cases, ownership is partially responsible for a failure to keep their premises secure. If the club had a history of violence, that means the owners had a responsibility to improve security. If no efforts were made to do so and a shooting happens due to inadequate security or another form of negligence, the victims and their families may have a case for a lawsuit.

Have you or a loved one become a victim of a shooting at a nightclub or bar? We understand the difficulties you face and how painful this time is for you and your family. You can learn more about your legal options by speaking to one of our experienced crime victim attorneys in a free consultation.

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