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4 Cimmaron Pointe Care Center employees have been charged with abusing residents.

4 Cimmaron Pointe Care Center Employees Accused of Abusing 7 Patients

Attorney Commentary: Sex abuse victim lawyer Brian Kent discusses filing a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse in a nursing home in the second section of this story.

Police in Mannford have arrested four employees of Cimmaron Pointe Care Center who allegedly abused seven patients.

The employees facing charges include Richard Keeling, Jr., Senite Smith, John Rose, and Blake McLellan.

Smith was the first one arrested and faces multiple counts of abuse and sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult. He is accused of taking a selfie with a nude male patient. Investigators also recovered text messages that show an injured patient and evidence that Smith pushed the man in the shower.

Rose and McLellan were arrested next. They are both accused of failing to report abuse they were aware of and McLellan is also accused of abusing patients himself. He was also in the selfie that Smith allegedly took with a naked elderly man in the background.

Smith’s arrest affidavit mentions one man slapping a patient in the private parts and running cold water over a female patient until she screamed.

Keeling was the fourth and final employee to be arrested. He is the employee accused of slapping a patient and running cold water over another one.

This is not the first case of abuse allegations at Cimarron Pointe. In 2017, former employee Amber Campbell was arrested for allegedly throwing a call button at a 93-year-old female patient’s face, giving her a black eye. She was also accused of two other incidents of abuse – including one that was allegedly witnessed by another nurse’s assistant who failed to report it.

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Legal Options For Nursing Home Abuse Victims and Their Families

Attorney contributor Brian Kent represents nursing home abuse and neglect victims in civil lawsuits. We’ve asked Brian for some general information on the legal rights of these victims and their families:

In any nursing home, the top priorities must be making sure residents are safe and provided with the quality of care they need and deserve. While many nursing homes do a good job of providing a nurturing environment for their patients, there have also been many cases of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. There is no excuse for this disregard for the needs of nursing home residents.

When nursing home employees are charged with physically, verbally, or sexually abusing residents, all aspects of the abuse must be investigated. It’s important not only to criminally investigate the perpetrators, but to also investigate the facility itself. Some cases of nursing home abuse happen due to a culture of negligence in the nursing home.

For example, a nursing home owner could be considered negligent if administrators were aware of abuse but failed to report that information to the authorities. If evidence of negligence is discovered, nursing home abuse victims and their families may have a case for a lawsuit against the nursing home.

If you or a loved one was abused in a nursing home, you can learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation with one of our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers.

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