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Track coach Conrad Avondale Mainwaring is accused of sexually abusing dozens of athletes.

Track Coach Charged with Sex Abuse of 1 Trainee, Accused of Abusing 31

A private track coach and former Olympian has been charged with sexually abusing a male athlete who he was training. According to an investigation by ESPN, 67-year-old Conrad Avondale Mainwaring is accused of abusing at least 31 men, although the rest of these allegations fall outside of the statute of limitations.

Mainwaring is charged with one felony count of sexual battery.

The LAPD published a news release accusing Mainwaring of abusing a male athlete “under the guise of physical therapy and mental focus training.” This incident reportedly happened in 2016 during a physical therapy session and the alleged victim was a trainee who competed in running events.

Mainwaring has coached track and field athletes throughout the country and was most recently based in Los Angeles. According to the ESPN report, he abused 31 athletes at summer camps and college campuses over a 44-year period beginning in the mid-1970s. The youngest alleged victim was 14 years old.

Mainwaring pleaded not guilty to the sexual battery charge on Thursday and has another court date scheduled for July 10. His bail has been set at $100,000.

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Legal Recourse For Victims of Sexual Abuse in Athletics

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of AbuseGuardian.com is a former sex crimes prosecutor who now represents survivors of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits. Here are a few thoughts from Brian concerning the legal options of those who have been sexually abused by trusted professionals in athletics:

Athletes place their trust in a variety of professionals, including trainers, doctors, coaches, and others who are supposed to help athletes become the best they can be. While most of the professionals who work with serious athletes are respectful and trustworthy, there are also numerous cases of various professionals violating the trust of athletes by sexually abusing them. Recent examples of high-profile cases include Ohio State doctor Richard Strauss and Olympic Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

These predators must be held responsible by the criminal justice system. However, the victims of these crimes often have other options for finding justice. In some cases, athletes who have been sexually abused may have grounds for a lawsuit against their abuser or a negligent third party, such as a school that failed to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.

If you’re a survivor of sexual abuse by a trainer, coach, doctor, or someone else involved in an athletic program, you can learn more about your legal options by speaking with an experienced sex abuse victims lawyer.

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