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Blue Room Lounge

Blue Room Lounge in Lithonia, the site of a fatal double shooting on Oct 6.

Shooting Outside of DeKalb Lounge Leaves 2 Dead

Two men were killed during a shooting outside of a popular lounge in Lithonia on Saturday, October 6. Officers responded to reports of a shooting at the Blue Room Lounge, located on the 2600 block of Panola Road.

After arriving at the scene, officers found two men with gunshot wounds in the parking lot. Both victims were rushed to nearby hospitals, where they were pronounced dead. Their names have not been released at this time.

No further details have been released regarding suspects or the circumstances of the shooting.

About two weeks ago, 30-year-old Agala Dwayne Samuels was found dead in the parking lot of a nearby nightclub called The Atrium and Club. Police arrested 43-year-old Ryan Meade on Wednesday in connection with that fatal shooting.

Are Bar Owners Liable For Shootings and Stabbings?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney helps violent crime victims and their families recover the financial support they deserve for the damages they’ve suffered. We have asked him to add some insight into bar owner liability for shootings, stabbings, and other violent crime on their premises:

Owning a bar or nightclub is a big responsibility, and maintaining safety and security is one of the most important aspects of this responsibility. All property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably protected from the risk of violent crime. When a shooting or stabbing occurs at a bar or nightclub, it’s important to determine if ownership is partially responsible due to inadequate security or another form of negligence.

For instance, bar owners can guard against foreseeable violent crime by making improvements to security measures, such as hiring security guards and requiring customers to undergo pat-downs for weapons before they enter the bar. In cases where insufficient effort is made towards security and this lack of security enables a violent crime to occur, the victims and their families could have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner.

Establishing property owner negligence is complicated and will require assistance from an attorney who is well-versed in civil lawsuits for violent crime. If you or a loved one has recently been wounded or killed during a shooting or stabbing at a nightclub, bar, or any other business, you can learn more about your family’s legal options in a free consultation with one of our experienced crime victim attorneys.

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Location of the Blue Room Lounge in Lithonia

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