Lindon, Utah – Juan Martinez-Vazquez Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse at Linden Nursery

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Linden Nursery

Linden Nursery, where a man is accused of sexually abusing a child.

Police Arrest Springville Man For Sexual Abuse of Child

On Wednesday, September 19, officers with the Lindon Police Department arrested a Springville man on suspicion of aggravated sexual abuse of a child. According to the police, the arrest was made for an incident that occurred at the Linden Nursery in Lindon.

An 11-year-old girl reportedly told the police that 56-year-old Juan Martinez-Vazquez hugged her and inappropriately touched her while she was in the kitchen area of the nursery. She said that she pushed the man away and left the room.

Martinez-Vazquez spoke to police through an interpreter and told them that he did give the girl a hug in the kitchen, but denied touching her inappropriately. He is being held on a $25,000 bond at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Legal Recourse for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Brian Kent of represents the victims of sexual violence in civil court. Here are some general thoughts from him on the legal options available to the survivors of sexual crimes:

Sexual violence leaves scars that may never fully heal for the victim. In the aftermath of these traumatic experiences, it’s important to make sure survivors get the support they need. Arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators of these crimes can help provide a sense of relief and justice for some victims. Additionally, in some situations, the survivors of these crimes can demand accountability from third parties that failed to prevent the assault by filing a lawsuit in civil court.

For example, a business could potentially be held liable for sexual assault and abuse if the crime only occurred because of inadequate security standards. Other examples would be daycares, youth organizations, schools, and other settings that involve adults working with kids failing to properly screen employees and volunteers for a history of sexual misconduct.

In order to determine your legal options as the survivor or loved one of a survivor, we recommend discussing your family’s situation with an experienced sexual assault victims lawyer.

Location of Linden Nursery

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