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Red Rocks Casino & Spa

Red Rocks Casino & Spa, where a former massage therapist was accused of sexual assault in April.

Customer At Red Rocks Spa Accuses Massage Therapist of Sexual Assault

On April 16, a massage therapist at Red Rock Casino Spa was arrested after a customer accused him of sexual assault during a massage. An unidentified victim told police that she was from Florida and in town for a convention and that Rafael Garcia sexually assaulted her twice during a 50-minute massage.

The woman said that Garcia asked her to lay on her back before raising the massage bed. He then began massaging her legs and allegedly penetrated her vagina with his finger. She said that he did this one more time and that she then jumped up and told him to stop.

Garcia is currently on house arrest for this incident and was fired from Red Rock after being arrested on the day of the alleged assault.

Is Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Common?

Stories of sexual assault by massage therapists in both national and local news headlines across the United States. A BuzzFeed investigative report into the chain Massage Envy revealed that over 180 women have accused massage therapists employed by the company of sexual assault. Furthermore, the report alleges that the company ignored or mishandled most of the allegations.

Legal Recourse For Clients Sexually Assaulted By Massage Therapists

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of adds some thoughts on the legal options available for victims of massage therapist sexual assault:

Seeing a sexual predator arrested and prosecuted is an important part of finding justice for victims of sexual assault. However, it’s also important to demand accountability from third parties whose negligence enabled the assault or who mishandled reports of sexual assault. Nearly 200 of the 1,170 nationwide Massage Envy locations have been sued for sexual assault. For these victims, taking legal action against the company whose negligence contributed to their assault has helped find this accountability.

Victims of massage therapist sexual assault who are considering taking legal action should speak with an experienced victims rights lawyer about their case. This lawyer can help you understand your legal options.

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