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Four Queens Casino in Las Vegas

The Four Queens hotel in downtown Vegas, where a security guard has been accused of sexual assault.

Las Vegas Police Arrest Security Guard For Alleged Sexual Assault At Hotel

Las Vegas police have arrested 39-year-old Four Queens security guard Jose Garcia based on allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman at the Four Queens hotel last Friday, August 17. Garcia faces two counts of sexual assault, two counts of open and gross lewdness, and one count of attempted sexual assault.

Police say the guard assaulted the woman after he threatened to report her to police for suspected prostitution. Following the assault, the guard let the woman leave the hotel at 202 Fremont St. After leaving the hotel, she went to University Medical Center and contacted the police. Another Four Queens employee also contacted the police about the incident. Detectives met with the hotel’s security director who was aware that a sexual assault report had been filed by a female visitor.

Garcia is scheduled to appear in court on September 6.

Is Sexual Assault By Security Guards Common In Las Vegas?

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of a security guard sexually assaulting someone at a Las Vegas hotel. Some recent cases include:

In September 2017, a security guard from a hotel on the 3700 block of the Las Vegas Strip was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman on the hotel property.

In May 2017, a former security guard was sentenced to 10 years to life in prison for sexually assaulting a female tourist in her hotel room at the Wyndham Grand Desert hotel.

Legal Recourse For Survivors of Sexual Assault By Security Staff

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of has a long track record of fighting for the rights of sexual assault victims. We’ve asked him to contribute some thoughts on the legal rights of those victimized by security guards:

Security guards are hired to protect guests and maintain the safety of the property they’ve been hired to guard. While most security personnel are good at their jobs and honorable members of their communities, a small fraction uses their positions of power to abuse and assault innocent victims. When a security guard sexually assaults someone while on the job, what kind of legal options does the victim have?

The survivors of these crimes may have grounds for a lawsuit against the security company if that company was negligent in a way that allowed the sexual assault to occur. For example, if a company failed to do a background check before hiring a security guard with a history of sexual misconduct, they could be held liable if the victim files a lawsuit. Another example would be the company receiving reports of sexual misconduct but failing to take proper actions, such as firing the guard and notifying the police.

If you or someone you love was sexually assaulted by a security guard and would like to know more about your legal options, we recommend consulting with an experienced sexual assault victims lawyer.

Location of Four Queens Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

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