One Killed Four Injured In Dual Truck Crash Laramie WY

52-Year-Old Matthew Anderson Of Annabella, UT Was The Sole Fatality, Others Injured

A highway crash involving two tractor-trailers and three passenger vehicles left one dead and others translated to nearby Ivinson Memorial Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The fatal accident seems to have come about after a pickup truck was waiting to make a left turn across the highway. Another GMC truck, which has been alleged to have been speeding and possibly making an unsafe pass of a tractor-trailer, would end up rear-ending the yielding pickup truck.

The waiting truck was then forced into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by William Bennett’s truck head-on. This accident, in turn, caused another crashed with another oncoming tractor-trailer, this time driven by Matthew Anderson. The car-and-truck pileup then erupted into flames, resulting in the closure of Wyoming Highway 230 until the fire was under control.

Most victims survived the initial trauma of the accident, though Anderson was not as fortunate as he succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

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Experienced attorney Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com shared the following commentary on the legal rights available to those who have been victims in truck accidents:

“Everyone is aware of the fact that trucks are big, powerful vehicles that can carry a lot of material. As one can imagine, this added weight only makes them more dangerous and increases the amount of damage when they crash.

Individuals involved in truck accidents frequently sustain these types of injuries:

  • fractures/broken bones
  • trauma to the head
  • amputation of limbs
  • damage to nerves
  • crushing injuries

The ailments presented above are expensive to treat, and automobile insurance policies will not always be able to cover the entire cost of medical treatment once the max on a policy is reached. So, how can victims of truck accident afford the medical help?

Filing a lawsuit after a truck accident is typically the only way to recover the full compensation necessary to ensure that all medical bills are paid. A lawsuit can likewise aid in receiving a reimbursement for wages lost after the injury. Moreover, additional compensation can be obtained to cover non-monetary losses such as physical pain and emotional trauma.

Working with an experienced attorney in a truck accident lawsuit is vital. Not all attorneys specialize in truck or tractor-trailer accident law, a field which is often considered one of the most complex.

If yourself or a family member has been involved in a truck accident, it can be quite helpful to enlist the assistance of a legal team who can share past successes as well as references from former clients.”



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