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McLaren Lapeer Region Hospital

McLaren Lapeer Region Hospital, where a nurse is accused of sexually assaulting patients.

3 Female Patients Accuse Male Nurse of Sexual Assault

A nurse accused of sexually assaulting three patients at McLaren Lapeer Region Hospital was released on bond on Monday, December 17. 50-year-old Richard Brown has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree and three counts in the second degree.

Lapeer Police arrested Brown on November 2nd after a woman came forward and told authorities that the registered nurse sexually assaulted her as a patient at the hospital. This led to an investigation and two additional female patients eventually came forward accusing Brown of sexually assaulting them in August 2017, November 2017, and June 2018.

The alleged victims are 32, 52, and 28 years old.

Brown is due to appear in court again on January 4.

According to Lapeer Police, there were several complaints and alleged assaults involving Brown over the past year. Authorities are concerned that there may be more victims who have not yet come forward. Anyone with information or who was a victim has been asked to contact the Lapeer Police.

Legal Recourse For Victims of Sexual Assault by Medical Professionals

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of represents survivors of sexual violence in civil lawsuits, helping them get the justice and support they need. Here is some input from Brian concerning the legal options available to those who have been sexually assaulted by nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals:

Medical professionals are trusted members of their communities. We all rely on doctors and nurses to provide us with medical care when we fall sick or suffer an injury. While most of these professionals have earned their trust and respect, a handful are sexual predators who abuse this trust by sexually assaulting their patients. These assaults are extremely traumatic for the victims and damage the public trust as a whole. We must make sure that these predators and others who enable them are held accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

Survivors of sexual assault by medical professionals often have grounds for a lawsuit against both the perpetrator and the medical facility where the assault occurred. These facilities can be held liable if their negligence allowed the assault to occur – such as a failure to run a background check before hiring a new employee.

If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted by a medical professional, the legal system can help you find justice. To find out more about your family’s legal options, consider speaking to an experienced sexual assault survivors attorney.

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