Knoxville TN Construction Worker Injured In Trench Collapse On Westland Dr

Worker In Stable Condition After Being Extricated By Co-Workers & Emergency Crews

The nearly-deadly construction accident took place on the 8500 block of Westland Drive in West Knox county on Thursday, October 17th.

The bottom half of a worker’s body became trapped underground when an unfinished trench collapsed. A call was placed to emergency services right away, but it has been reported that by the time the crews arrived, the workers had managed to release the man almost completely. The victim was then translated to a local hospital for treatment and is believed to be in stable condition.

The Knox Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad and Rural Metro Fire (Knox Cty), along with the Knox Cty Sheriff’s Office, responded to the emergency. OSHA is also expected to intervene with an investigation into the incident.

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“While all employees in the United States should be protected by the federal system for worker’s compensation, there’s likely no industry that sees as many claims as the construction industry.

Of course, this is due to the dangerous nature of construction jobs, given that workers are constantly surrounded by hazards. Indeed, a single wrong move and they can suffer a severe injury, and that’s when they’re lucky enough to escape with their lives.

Worker’s compensation claims are the main recourse for a worker injured on a project site. In other cases, a lawsuit may also be pursued as a method of achieving a compensation. Yet, not all are familiar with the fact that a worker’s comp claim and a lawsuit can be pursued at the same time.

Whether victims of injuries want to take one avenue or another in their search for financial compensation, it is important to understand that the help of an experienced construction accident attorney can prove crucial to the result of both.

Attorneys should be able to demonstrate their competence via past results and references from past clients, so those considering legal help should ask potential attorneys for these. Most importantly, victims should search for a legal representative who will fight for the victim and their family’s rights while those injured can concentrate on what’s truly important – healing and recovery.”



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