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Dyess Medical Center Gretna

Dyess Medical Center, where Dr. James Dyess allegedly sexually assaulted a patient while a hidden camera was present.

Gretna Police Arrest Doctor For Sexual Assault On Hidden Camera

57-year-old Dr. James Dyess was arrested on July 12 and charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count of simple battery. A patient who had grown suspicious of the doctor’s questionably inappropriate behavior during a previous exam set up the hidden camera on a second visit. During this visit, the camera allegedly caught Dyess fondling the patient’s breasts and genitals.

Dyess runs his own practice called Dyess Medical Practice, located at 12 West Bank Expressway in Gretna, along with a satellite location in Slidell. He practices internal medicine and only sees patients who have been referred to him by attorneys.

The victim was a 35-year-old woman who told police that she thought Dyess had made inappropriate sexual advances during a previous visit. She set up a cell phone video to record the second exam and then showed that video of the alleged sexual assault to police.

How Common Is Sexual Assault by Doctors?

The doctor-patient relationship relies heavily on trust. Our doctors see us at our most vulnerable and we trust them to be respectful during our appointments and all interactions. Unfortunately, some doctors violate this trust by sexually abusing and assaulting their patients. A study by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution uncovered thousands of cases of sexual abuse by doctors in all 50 states. A separate study by Public Citizen found that two-thirds of the doctors with strong evidence of sexual misconduct against them were not disciplined by medical boards.

Legal Recourse For Victims of Doctor Sexual Misconduct

Legal contributor Brian Kent of has some thoughts on how the legal system can help individuals who have been sexually assaulted by medical professionals:

Survivors of sexual assault by their doctors often face an uphill battle. As the numbers show, the medical industry far too often fails to discipline the physicians who have abused their positions of power to sexually violate their patients. This is why survivors need to be aware of their legal options. Filing a lawsuit against the physician and/or the facility that employed them can help demand accountability from sexual predators and their enablers. Additionally, a lawsuit helps provide financial compensation that survivors deserve.

If you’re the survivor of a sexual assault by a doctor and curious about your legal rights, you should speak with an experienced crime victim lawyer.

Dyess Medical Center in Gretna

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