Worker Dies In Imlay City Trench Collapse

Victim Identified As 38-Year-Old Craig Wagner

Around 1PM on September 12th, the Imlay City Fire Department responded to a call from a construction site near Newark Rd. and South Almont Ave in Lapeer County.

An on-the-job construction worker had become trapped underground when the trench that he was working in collapsed. While an excavator was nearby, it is not known at this time if the heavy machinery was involved in the accident.

It took 20 minutes for emergency responders to dig out the victim from the Imlay Place Condominiums construction. Unfortunately, the Dryden resident was pronounced dead when he was finally retrieved.

Inestigations of the accident are still ongoing.

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Laurence Banville of Banville Law, an experienced construction accident attorney, offered some insight on the options that victims of construction accidents and their families have at their disposal.

“If a construction accident results in an injury or death, there is a high likelihood of a personal injury lawsuit being filed. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many workers on a construction site from different employers, which opens the door for injuries caused by negligent third parties.

Along with a construction accident lawsuit, a worker’s compensation claim is another viable legal option for victims, and one which can be pursued at the same time as a lawsuit. Through a workers’ comp claim, victims may be able to secure:

  • Remuneration for medical expenses
  • 2/3 of lost wages
  • Coverage of professional medical treatment
  • Special compensation in extreme cases such as limb damage
  • Compensation for disability resulting from the accident

A construction accident attorney can provide valuable insight and direction not only in a lawsuit, but also throughout the complex workers’ comp system. If previous claims have been denied, they should also have vast experience navigating the appeals process.

To learn more about the tools that a victim of a construction accident has available to them, consult with an attorney knowledgeable in the field.”

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