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A teacher at Technical Careers High School in Idaho Falls has been charged with sexually abusing a student.

Technical Careers High School Teacher Arrested on Sexual Battery Charges

Attorney Commentary: School sexual abuse lawyer Brian Kent will discuss the legal rights of school abuse victims and their families in the second part of this article.

A teacher at Technical Careers High School in Idaho Falls was arrested on Tuesday, May 19, for allegedly sexually abusing and harassing one of his students. 51-year-old Patrick Todd Smith has been charged with felony sexual battery on a minor.

According to the police, Smith is accused of multiple forms of inappropriate behavior with the student, beginning with flirting and sexual comments and then escalating to unwanted kissing and groping. This alleged sexual misconduct started in Spring 2019.

The victim told police that Smith regularly sexually harassed her and other students, frequently making sexual and flirty comments to students. He allegedly groped the student underneath her clothes and kissed her, and also frequently hugged her, according to the student.

Bonneville Joint School District 93 has placed Smith on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. The school board has also started its own investigation into Smith.

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Can I Sue For Sexual Abuse by a Teacher?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent is an experienced sex abuse victim lawyer who has represented victims of school sex abuse in civil lawsuits. Brian has offered to share some of his knowledge on the legal rights of student sex abuse victims and their parents:

We trust that teachers will provide the children in our communities with good education and treat them with respect. Most teachers are trustworthy and honorable people, however, there have also been many cases of teachers arrested for sexually abusing students.

Schools have a legal duty to make sure their staff members are trustworthy and that their students are safe. When a teacher is charged with sexually abusing a student, we should ask if the school met this legal duty. Some cases of school sex abuse only happen because of negligence by the school.

For example, a school might be considered negligent for ignoring previous complaints of inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct involving a teacher who was later arrested on sex abuse charges.

If you or your child is a victim of sexual abuse by a teacher or another school employee, you can learn more about your legal options in a free consultation.

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