Holly Hill, South Carolina - Worker Killed In Fall At Holcim Cement Plant

Deceased Worker Identified As 65-Year-Old Lennox W. Hinckson Of North Charleston

The deadly fall took place on the early morning hours of Tuesday, December 3rd in Orangeburg County.

Authorities have indicated that the victim was working on the 4th floor within the Cement Plant when, for reasons yet unknown, he fell down to the third floor. Emergency crews responded but eventually pronounced the man dead at the scene. The official cause of death has yet to be reported, but it has been widely ruled as accidental.

This death, being the result of a work-related accident, is being investigated not only by local officials but also by offices at the State level, such as the Mine Safety and Health Administration. It is possible that OSHA may conduct their own investigation as well.

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“Those who are employed within the industrial sector in the United States are often forgotten about, though their work is absolutely vital in keeping our country moving forward. What also passes by unnoticed in many cases is the incredible risk that these bold workers face every day that they ‘step into the office’.

It’s a fact that, whenever someone labors on any kind of industrial or construction site, they are at much higher risk of suffering an injury. These injuries can result from many things such as working with heavy machinery or power tools, or simply because many independent contractors are working closely together.

When employees become victims of injuries in these circumstances, they can rely on the worker’s compensation system to serve as their support. As most other folks employed in this county, industrial workers have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim. Moreover, if the worker loses their life in the accident, their family can likely also file a wrongful death lawsuit that may also provide compensation.

All in all, the point is that no matter the profession, a worker has a right to seek compensation if they have suffered a personal injury.

The concern is that these legal processes can be quite complex and, if not helped by an attorney with extensive experience in these types of cases, victims may not be able to achieve the full compensation that they deserve. For this reason, victims of industrial accidents, or the loved ones of those who may now be deceased, should discuss their circumstances with an attorney who can analyze the facts and lay out all of their legal options.”



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