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Patient Tells Police That Dr. Khalid Jalil Sexually Assaulted Her

Police in Henry County, Georgia arrested Dr. Khalid Jalil on July 10 after one of his patients told police he sexually assaulted her. According to a story on the arrest by Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta on July 17, the doctor was still seeing patients after the arrest. The patient said that the assault took place while she was alone with the doctor in an examination room. The Georgia state medical board prohibits doctors from being one-on-one with patients, and there is always supposed to be a third person in the examination room.

Who Can Be Held Liable In Doctor Sexual Assault Cases In Georgia?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of has some thoughts on the legal options for victims of sexual assault by medical professionals:

While we should all be able to trust that our doctors will respect us during appointments, the sad reality is that a small minority of doctors and other people in positions of trust abuse that trust by sexually violating their clients. It’s important to be aware of the potential for such abuse and to properly safeguard against it so that no patient has to suffer the trauma of being sexually abused by their doctor. Laws like the Georgia one that require a third person to be present during examinations are designed to do this, but it’s up to facilities to follow these laws. In some cases, issues like understaffing can lead to incidents of sexual assault when a doctor is left alone with a patient.

For victims of sexual assault, seeing the perpetrator arrested and prosecuted can be an important part of the healing process. Victims should also be aware that organizations, institutions, and individuals who enabled the abuse to occur through negligence can also be held accountable by filing a sexual assault lawsuit. For instance, a medical facility whose failure to follow a law which leads to sexual abuse could be forced to pay financial compensation in a lawsuit.

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