Haverhill, Massachusetts - One Worker Killed, Another Gravely Injured On I-495-Bank Rd Bridge Construction

Deceased Worker Identified As Dennis Robertson of Manchester, New Hampshire

The deadly construction accident occurred the morning of Wednesday, November 27th at a project site on Interstate 495 near the bridge over Bank Road.

It has been reported that the deceased construction worker, along with a colleague who was gravely injured, were laboring on the bucket of a lift truck over the Merrimack River. For unknown reasons, both workers fell out of the bucket and down 40-50 feet onto a barge floating on the river. Both workers were employed by a subcontractor indicated to be J.R. Vinagro Corporation.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office reported that Robertson was pronounced dead at the scene, while the second victim was airlifted to Lahey Hospital in Burlington. The latest update indicated that he was undergoing surgery.

Any further work at the construction site was halted until the ongoing investigations conclude. Local authorities, as well as the state division of OSHA, were conducting their own studies to determine causality.

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“The construction industry, along with all of the employees in the field, is one of the most vital for the growth of towns and cities all across our county. Unfortunately, with this honorable profession also come significant occupational risks.

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the federal body which regulates workplaces and reports on all accidents that result in injuries. Moreover, OSHA also conducts investigations into individual incidents to determine why they occurred, who was at fault, and how they can be prevented down the line.

Perhaps most significantly, OSHA creates new regulations for improving the safety of all workers on project sites. And yet, OSHA’s laws are often violated or simply not enforced and, when this occurs, the chances of work accidents taking place increases substantially.

Fortunately, the worker’s compensation system is there to help injured workers, providing them with benefits that cover medical bills stemming from the work injury. On the other hand, filing these legal claims can be a complicated process. If not filed properly, a valid claim can receive a lesser amount than deserved or even be completely denied. This is why the help of an experienced construction accident attorney can prove critical.

Legal counsels are intimately familiar with the process and know exactly why claims are denied or diminished. In the terrible instances when construction accidents are deadly, an attorney can also help a grieving family pursue compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Most importantly, whichever legal path is taken, an attorney will handle all of the paperwork and communication while those affected the most by tragedy can concentrate on what’s important – getting back on their feet.”



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