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The former location of Kevin Root’s psychotherapist office in Greenwich.

Greenwich Therapist Charged with Second-Degree Sexual Assault

A Greenwich psychotherapist has been charged with second-degree sexual assault after a patient accused him of engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with her. An investigation into 62-year-old Kevin Root began in August 2017 for alleged sexual misconduct at his office on East Putnam Avenue. According to Connecticut state law, it is illegal for a psychotherapist to engage in a sexual relationship with one of their clients.

Root turned himself in at police headquarters on Monday, April 9.

Root was working as a licensed social worker and marriage counselor. He was also charged with tampering with a witness. He was released on a $75,000 bond.

Legal Recourse For Therapist Sexual Assault Victims

Brian Kent of is an attorney who specializes in helping the victims of sexual assault find justice. We’ve asked him to share his two cents on the legal options available to victims:

The relationship between a psychotherapist and their patients relies on trust. There is also a power dynamic in this relationship which makes sexual relationships between these two parties inappropriate. This is why Connecticut and many other states have laws that ban any type of sexual contact between therapists and their patients, even if both parties consider the contact consensual.

When a therapist breaks this law and engages in sexual contact or sexually assaults one of their patients, it’s important for the victim to be aware of their legal rights. Along with contacting law enforcement, the victims of these crimes can seek justice through the civil court system. In many cases, victims may have a strong case for a lawsuit against the therapist and/or the facility where the therapist works.

If you or someone you love was sexually assaulted by a therapist, we advise speaking with an experienced sexual assault victim lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

Location of Kevin Root’s Therapy Office

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