Greenville County, South Carolina - Worker Dies From Head Trauma After Suffering Fall On SC-564 Site

Victim Identified As Barron Dee Ford Jr., A 22-Year-Old Lenoir, NC Native

The fatal construction site accident took place at 315 Tanner Price Way on the early morning of Friday, November 30th.

Ford was reportedly installing corrugated metal roof panels on the top of a to-be-finished warehouse when he was knocked off. It is not clear what caused the fall but it is possible that a strong gust of wind could have been the culprit. Moreover, it was not made clear by authorities whether Barron Ford was utilizing a safety harness, another type of safety system, or none at all.

The Greenville County Coroner indicated that the victim was pronounced dead at the scene with the cause of death being blunt force trauma to the head and torso. No details have been provided as to who the employer of the deceased worker may be.

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An experienced construction death attorney at BanvilleLaw.com and regular contributor to LegalHerald, Laurence Banville offered the following insight for victims of construction accidents and their loved ones:

“Any person who is employed in the construction industry knows that their profession is one of the most dangerous in the entire county. Indeed, about 20% of the yearly work-related deaths involve construction projects.

Most will be able to guess that this is due to the nature of the work itself which often involves significant risk such as working with and around heavy machinery or at heights, to name a couple. When accidents do take place, some are lucky enough to escape unscathed, while less fortunate ones can be severely maimed or even worse – killed.

And while there exists regulatory bodies that supervise project sites, the main one of these being OSHA, deadly incidents continue to happen almost on an everyday basis. This is exactly why the law also permits the families of deceased construction workers to pursue compensation via a construction accident lawsuit.

Through this legal process, the loved ones of victims are able to fight for a compensation that can cover funeral/burial costs as well as other damages resulting from the accident. No one can argue with the fact that nothing can bring back a loved one after a tragic incident, but a construction death lawsuit can help bring tranquility and stability to those who have felt the most pain.

Victims considering all their options, including legal ones, should consult their situation with an experienced construction accident attorney who will not only listen intently, but also lay out all of the potential options and then fight tirelessly to achieve the maximum compensation.”



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