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Virtus Institute

Virtus Institute, where owner Moses Jevicky is accused of sexual assault.

Owner of Virtus Institute Charged with Inappropriately Touching Teen Clients

The owner of a popular Greensburg gym who was previously accused of sexually harassing and inappropriately touching two women at the business has now been charged with inappropriately touching two teens. Moses Jevicky is a licensed chiropractor and the owner of Virtus Institute. Court documents say that Jevicky is accused of inappropriately touching two teens who were receiving chiropractic care at Virtus Institute.

One of the teens told authorities that the assaults occurred several times between 2015 and 2018 during chiropractic appointments. These alleged incidents began when the victim was 15 years old.

The second victim told authorities that Jevicky touched her inappropriately between 2015 and 2016, when she was also 15 years old. She said that Jevicky would frequently grab her while spotting her during training and make comments that were sexual in nature.

Jevicky was initially arrested in October and charged with indecent assault after two women came forward to police. These new allegations have brought new charges of indecent assault and harassment.

Legal Options for Victims of Chiropractor Sexual Assault

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of is a former sex crimes prosecutor who now represents survivors of sexual assault in civil lawsuits. Here is Brian’s perspective on the legal options available to survivors of sexual assault at chiropractor’s offices, massage facilities, and other similar businesses:

Sexual predators are often found in fields that involve a high degree of trust between a professional and their clients. For example, the massage therapy industry is currently in the midst of a sexual assault scandal, with hundreds of reported incidents involving massage therapists sexually assaulting clients throughout the United States. When a customer is sexually assaulted in a massage facility, chiropractic office, or another business, it’s important to make sure both the abuser and any negligent third parties are held accountable.

In cases where an employee sexually abuses a customer, the business may also be considered liable if their negligence allowed the abuse to occur. For example, a massage business might be considered liable if an employee was permitted to continue working even after being reported for sexual misconduct. When the owner of a business is the perpetrator, the victims will also likely have a strong case for a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted by a chiropractor or massage therapist, you can find justice for what you’ve gone through. Consider speaking to an experienced sexual assault survivors attorney to learn more about your family’s legal options.

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