Franklin County MI Consturction Worker Killed By Tractor

Mississippi DOT Identifies Victim As Mark Youngblood

The death of Mississippi Department of Transportation employee Mark Youngblood was reported in the early afternoon of Tuesday, September 24th.

Sparse details have been released at this time, though it has been acknowledged that the incident occurred on U.S. Highway 84 in Franklin County, MI. Officials have also indicated that the construction accident involved some heavy machinery, namely a tractor, which was being used on the site.

Youngblood was a maintenance technician by trade, and was based out of the nearby Bude Maintenance Office.

Executive Director of MDOT Melinda McGrath P.E. offered the following statement regarding the lethal accident:

My heart goes out to Mark’s family, friends and coworkers. When we lose anyone from the MDOT family it shakes the agency to its core. He was working to maintain the highways and improve safety for Mississippi. Mark was one of our dedicated public servants willing to do needed work along Mississippi highways. We ask everyone to keep the Youngblood family in your thoughts and prayers as we seek comfort and healing for every one touched by this tragic loss.”

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Attorney Contributor Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com is an experienced personal injury and construction accident attorney. He had to following insight on work site accidents which result in the untimely death of workers:

“Every day, millions of people go to work throughout the United States, and every day injuries occur in the workplace. Of course, there are some professions which are significantly more dangerous than others.

The construction industry is widely recognized as one of the riskiest. This is due to the nature of the work which takes place on America’s construction sites.

These men and women work tirelessly to maintain and expand the country’s infrastructure, and they do so with the knowledge that they could become injured or even die at any moment. When accidents occur, workers should know that they have rights which protect and support them through the hard times.

A claim through the worker’s compensation system is one of the options, though a difficult one to navigate if one is unfamiliar with the process. Filing a lawsuit can also be an option in some instances, though these are less frequent.

In either scenario, an experienced attorney can provide important guidance that gives the victims and their families a chance to get back on their feet.”



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