Framingham MA Construction Worker Severely Injured After Fall At Bancroft Building Site

The Victim, Who Fell More Than 20 Feet, Had Been Employed Less Than A Week

The long-standing Bancroft Building, which is currently being transformed into an apartment building, was the site of this construction accident on the early afternoon of Tuesday, September 24th.

The worker, who was reportedly working on the roof of the power plant building of the 115-year-old building, was found lying on his side without a pulse or breath by Robert Solon, the construction superintendent. Having recently received CPR training, Solon began administering the life-saving measure until the responding emergency units relieved him.

The victim was resuscitated and then transported to an area where he was picked up by a medical helicopter and airlifted to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The worker, who remains unnamed, survived and is currently recovering.

At the time of the accident, the supervisors on the site were not sure of the man’s identity, as he had only been working there for a few days. It was also not clear if his OSHA credentials were verified. In fact, no family contact information was available as it was not clear which of the multiple subcontractors had hired the man.

OSHA is currently conducting an investigation into all of the circumstances of this incident.

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An attorney contributor to LegalHerald.com and the founder of Banville Law, Laurence Banville had the following insight to offer to victims and families of victims injured in construction falls:

“It is not a mere opinion that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the United States; it is a fact backed up with statistics. In fact, those exact statistics are provided by OSHA, the federal governing body that analyzes all workplace injuries.

OSHA has found that 1 in 5 deaths that take place at work are related to the construction injury. This is mainly due to the nature of the profession, as it involves constantly using powerful tools, working around heavy machinery, and also working at heights.

Luckily, OSHA is also responsible for establishing and enforcing safety standards on construction sites. These have, undoubtedly, greatly reduced the number of accidents or deaths that occur on project sites every year.

Even though the number of victims is decreasing, for the individuals who suffer the injuries the damage can be severe. Their lives can quickly flip upside-down, mainly because of the financial pressures that construction injuries can bring.

A victim of a construction injury, accompanied by their loved ones, can seek the help of an experienced attorney in filing a worker’s compensation claim. While the assistance of a legal representative is not necessary, it can make the difference between a denied claim or one that pays out the full benefits available given the circumstances of the injury.

If claims have been previously denied, a construction accident attorney can also guide victims through the appeals process. Additionally, if there exists a possibility to file a lawsuit, an attorney’s assistance can also be crucial in this process. Yet most of all, the attorney can be there to handle all of the hard work while the victim and their families concentrate on what’s important – healing and recovering.”



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