Fayetteville, North Carolina - SUV Passenger Killed, 3 Other Injured In Crash With Truck On Raeford Rd

Truck Became Stuck In Gravel On Raeford Rd With Trailer Sticking Out Into Road

The deadly accident involving a tractor-trailer and an SUV with a total of four passengers occurred around 10AM on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Authorities indicated that the truck was traveling westbound on Raeford Road and was attempting to turn onto a construction site near Pinewood Terrace when it got stuck in some gravel. The passenger SUV was traveling in the same direction and inadvertently crashed into the portion of the trailer that “jutted out” into the road.

The SUV was carrying a total of four passengers: one man, one woman and two children, one an 11-year-old and the other an infant. The deceased passenger was traveling in the front passenger seat and unfortunately was pronounced dead at the scene. The remaining three passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries; no additional updates on their status have been provided.

No charges have been pressed at this time, though the Fayetteville PD is conducting an investigation.

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Furthermore, most people find calm in thinking than any damages resulting from this type of severe crash will be covered by an existing insurance policy, but this is often not the case. An insurance policy will only offer benefits to victims until its individual limit is reached; at this time, it will stop paying a compensation, whether the victim and their families have had a chance to recover fully or not.

Most victims of truck crashes don’t think of filing a truck accident lawsuit as a first recourse; in fact, often time it is the last option they pursue, as they are likely to believe that the process will not be worth it or that they will probably lose. And yet a lawsuit can often be the only way for victims and their loved ones to receive the compensation they truly deserve.

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