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All Stars Bar & Grill

All-Stars Bar & Grill on Bragg Boulevard, the site of a double shooting on October 1.

Fayetteville Police Arrest Seth Delatorre In Connection With All-Stars Bar Shooting

Two men were hospitalized and another arrested following a shooting in the parking lot of All Stars Bar & Grill in Fayetteville early Monday morning, October 1. The incident occurred in front of the bar on Bragg Boulevard shortly before 2 a.m.

Two people were wounded in the shooting. One was shot in the stomach and another suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Those victims have been identified as 26-year-old John Baker and 24-year-old Demonte Bethea, who were both transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center following the incident. However, Bethea was transferred to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill. Both victims are listed in stable condition.

Police arrested 19-year-old Seth V. Delatorre in connection with the shooting. He has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

When Are Bar Owners Liable For Shootings?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney helps violent crime victims secure the financial compensation they deserve in civil court. Here is his perspective on bar owner liability for shootings and other violent incidents:

Bar owners, along with all other property owners, have a legal obligation to keep their properties safe. This includes protecting customers from the risk of preventable violent crime. In some cases, bar shootings and stabbings may have been prevented by better security standards.

For example, a bar owner could guard against the risk of violent crime by hiring security guards and having those guards search guests for weapons before entering the bar.

When inadequate security or another form of bar owner negligence is found to have played a role in a violent incident, the victims of the violence may have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner.

Determining property owner negligence is a complicated legal process. In order to fully understand your legal options as the victim of violent crime, we advise speaking with an experienced crime victim attorney.

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