Eugene, Oregon - Worker Killed By Excavator On Delta Highway Beltline Interchange Construction Site

Victim Identified As Steve Smith, A Eugene Local And Employee Of Hamilton Construction

The fatal construction accident took place on Saturday, January 18th, around 11 in the morning. Smith was part of the ongoing project in the median of the Randy Pape Beltline just before the Delta Highway overpass.

The Eugene Springfield Fire Department responded to the emergency and, upon their arrival at the scene, found that the victim had been freed though the mid-60s man had suffered severe injuries after being pinned by an excavator against a concrete barrier. He was promptly transferred to Riverbend Hospital with severe injuries which he would succumb to later.

The president of Hamilton Construction extended his condolences to the victim’s family and friends via a public statement. Work on the site has been halted, and is currently under investigation by OSHA.

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