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Moorland and Bluemound Roads

Moorland and Bluemound Roads, the site of a suspected DUI crash on Sept 21.

1 Driver Injured, 1 Arrested Following Suspected DUI Accident

Elm Grove Police arrested a man on suspicion of drunk driving after a rear-end collision at the intersection of Moorland and Bluemound Roads early Friday morning. The accident occurred at around 2 a.m. on Friday. Video from the intersection shows the 47-year-old woman’s vehicle stopped at a red light when the 21-year-old Brookfield man’s vehicle smashes into the rear-end of her vehicle.

Police say that the vehicle was traveling at about 60 mph prior to the collision and that the driver blew a .208 blood alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit.

Both drivers, neither of whom have been named, were brought to Froedtert Hospital. The male driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

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Legal Recourse For DUI Crash Victims in Wisconsin

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney helps drunk driving victims and their families get the financial compensation they deserve. We have asked him to share some thoughts on the legal options available to these victims:

Drunk driving accidents can change entire families in an instant. Along with the pain and suffering caused to those injured in these accidents, the families of those killed by drunk drivers also struggle with a number of personal and financial difficulties following the crash. It’s important that these victims and their families get the justice and financial compensation they deserve for damages related to the crash.

In Wisconsin, drunk driving victims may have the option to file a personal injury claim against the intoxicated person who caused the accident. However, the options for legal recourse don’t end here. In some situations, Wisconsin drunk driving victims may also have the option to file a dram shop lawsuit against an alcohol vendor that provided alcohol to the person who caused the accident and subsequent injuries or deaths.

Wisconsin dram shop laws apply in cases where an alcohol vendor provides alcohol to someone who injures a third party due to that intoxication in either of the following circumstances:

  • alcohol is served by force or deception (such as lying about a drink being alcohol-free), or
  • alcohol is provided to a minor and is a “substantial factor” in the accident and resulting injuries.

The Intersection of Moorland and Bluemound Roads


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