Eldridge, North Dakota - One Worker Killed, Another Severely Injured In Country Grain Co-Op Construction Accident

Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser Provided Details Regarding Incident

The fatal construction accident took place on Friday, December 6th around 1:30PM at 525 2nd St S in Eldridge. The two workers, who have yet to be named, were working on a grain elevator when a segment of a construction crane “slid off” and fell on top of them.

Stutsman County emergency units responded to the call which was initially reported as an industrial accident. One worker was taken to Jamestown Regional Medical Center where he would later succumb to his injuries. The second victim was taken to a treatment center in Fargo, though no additional updates have been offered regarding his condition by officials.

Authorities will surely conduct an investigation of this deadly incident to determine its cause. The state’s OSHA division is also likely to get involved.

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On the other hand, filing a claim for worker’s compensation is a much more viable avenue available to employees who suffer injuries on the job, no matter their profession. It’s important to note that, if the possibility exists for presenting a lawsuit, it can be filed in conjunction with a worker’s comp claim, as using one of these legal recourses does not negate the other.

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