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Blodgett Hospital

Blodgett Hospital, where an x-ray tech is accused of sexually assaulting 2 patients.

Blodgett Hospital X-Ray Tech Charged with Assaulting 2 Patients

A now-former X-ray technologist was arrested last month and charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly sexually assaulting two patients at Blodgett Hospital. 39-year-old Francisco Muniz was arraigned on February 27 on one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, both felony charges.

The first alleged assault occurred on July 22, 2018. In this case, a patient alleges that Muniz penetrated her with his finger while conducting an X-ray in a room at Blodgett Hospital.

This first incident was still being investigated six months later when a second victim reported being sexually assaulted by Muniz. This second victim has accused Muniz of groping her private parts during an X-ray at Blodgett Hosptial.

In a story by WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, the second victim says she wants to know why the hospital allowed Muniz to continue seeing patients while under investigation. She is considering taking legal action against the hospital for allegedly failing to keep her safe.

Filing a Lawsuit for Sexual Assault by a Hospital Employee

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of is a former sex crimes prosecutor who now serves as a civil attorney, helping survivors of sexual assault find justice and financial compensation in civil lawsuits. Here are some of Brian’s thoughts on the legal options of those who have been sexually assaulted by hospital employees:

Hospitals must prioritize the safety of their patients just as much as the quality of their healthcare. But sadly, there have been reports of patients being sexually assaulted in hospitals and other healthcare facilities in all 50 states.

There is no excuse for allowing a patient to become the victim of a traumatic sexual assault on hospital property. When this happens, it’s important to hold the perpetrator criminally responsible and to determine if the hospital is partially responsible for the assault due to negligence. In cases involving negligence, the victim may have a case for a lawsuit.

For example, if a hospital allowed an employee under investigation for sexual assault to continue seeing patients, they might be considered negligent and held liable for damages in a lawsuit.

If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted by a hospital employee, we understand how angry and traumatized you may feel during this difficult time. We want to help you find justice. You can learn more about your legal options in a free consultation with one of our experienced sexual abuse survivors attorneys.

Local News Coverage from NBC WOOD-TV 8 in Grand Rapids, MI

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