After slipping and falling at a concert, you likely have many questions:

  • How can I pay for my bills if I can’t work?
  • Could my accident have been prevented?
  • Can a lawsuit help me pay for my medical expenses?
  • How long will legal action take?
  • Do I have to sue my favorite band?
  • Should I speak with a lawyer?

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It might seem like you don’t have any legal options after slipping and falling at a concert but you may be owed significant compensation. We can help you get that compensation.

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People expect a lot of things when they attend a concert. They expect to hear their favorite performer, to shop through souvenirs, and to enjoy spending time with friends and family. But what they don’t expect is to be injured in a slip and fall accident.

Premises Liability: What Are Venues Responsible For?

According to Premises Liability laws, property owners and managers must do everything that is reasonable to protect visitors to the property. What is considered reasonable will change with each property since no two are exactly alike, but typically, this means that those responsible must make regular checks of the property and fix any hazards they come across.

At concert venues, common hazards may include: crowd at a concert

  • Loose Wiring
  • Cracks In The Pavement
  • Loose Floorboards Or Carpeting
  • Potholes
  • Spilled Liquids

If you or a loved one were hurt at a concert when you slipped and fell, you may be able to file a lawsuit which will help you pay for your medical expenses and other losses.

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Why Should I File A Slip & Fall Lawsuit?

Many don’t understand how financially destructive an injury from a slip and fall accident can be. In order to fully grasp the losses that can be sustained by a victim, let’s review how much it costs to treat the most slip and fall injuries:

Brain Trauma

The brain, which is the control center of the body, is delicate and easily damaged which is why nature has equipped us with a hard skull to protect it. When someone falls, if they strike their head on the ground or another hard object, the brain might hit the skull and become bruised, bleed, or part of the tissue may die.

Patients with brain trauma may have difficulty speaking, moving, and may have damage to their memory. In many cases, the damage is permanent and can impact their ability to function.

The average cost of medical treatments required by a patient with brain trauma can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $3 million over the course of their lives.

Spinal Damage

If damage occurs to the spinal cord or any of the vertebrae, a patient may require surgery, ongoing physical therapy, and assistance for the rest of their lives, costing them anywhere between $100,000 and $2 million over their lifetime.

Broken Bones

One broken bone may cost $10,000 or more to heal and if complications arise, those expenses may quickly rise.

In addition to medical expenses, slip and fall victims also frequently lose expected earnings because they are unable to return to work for an extended period of time.

A civil lawsuit is designed to help plaintiffs recover compensation for these losses and more.

Who Can File If The Victim Died?

In cases where the victim dies because of their injuries, their loved ones may be eligible to file the lawsuit on their behalf. In most cases, this includes the parents, spouses, and children of the deceased, however, others may be eligible if they were dependant on the victim.

I Don’t Want To Sue My Favorite Singer Or Band!

No one wants to take legal action against someone they admire and often, concert accident victims don’t need to worry about this particular issue. Although it may be possible to pursue legal action against the party putting on the performance, it’s often the venue owner and managers who were negligent and the lawsuit will be filed against them.

How Much Is My Concert Accident Case Worth?

show where people slip and fall Without reviewing the specific case we are unable to provide an exact estimate, however, keep in mind that the settlement or award is intended to cover all of your losses. When you first consult with our attorneys, we will review both past losses and determine expected future losses to create an estimate.

How Long Will A Lawsuit Take?

We can never tell a client exactly how long a lawsuit may take, but at the very least, clients should expect that the legal process will take at least a few months. Don’t let this deter you, if you don’t take legal action, you may never be able to recover compensation.

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