Lugoff, South Carolina - Several Injured After Crash Between 2 Trucks & Bus On McCords Ferry Road

Bus Was Carrying Cadets, One Of Whom Suffered Life-Threatening Injuries

The nearly-fatal accident took place around 5PM on Monday, November 4th and left at least 7 individuals with injuries.

A tractor-trailer traveling in the northbound lane of McCords Ferry Road (US-601) crossed the center line in a no-passing zone to offer a vehicle parked on the side of the road a wide berth. The bus, which was carrying a total of 5 cadets and was traveling in the opposite direction, slowed down when it observed the oncoming truck partially in its lane.

It was at this point, when the vehicles were near the intersection with Screaming Eagle Road, that a second semi-truck traveling behind the bus violently rear-ended it. The bus flipped over and landed off the road.

All persons involved in the multi-vehicle incident required medical attention. One of the bus passengers was transported by emergency responders with grave and potentially deadly injuries. The drivers of the two semi-trucks, as well as the bus, also suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Officials are continuing their investigation and have yet to press charges related to this collision.

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A contributor to Legal Herald and experienced truck accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville offered the following insight for individuals who may have suffered injuries in a similar truck crash:

“Truck crashes of any degree are some of the most dangerous accidents in which a driver can be involved. This is not difficult to understand as trucks are extremely heavy vehicles which are often fully loaded and driven at high speeds. When they crash into something else, whether it be a wall, building, or other car, they tend to destroy it.

For this reason, whenever persons are involved in a collision with a truck, it is often the case that they suffer severe injuries. These injuries are the type that are permanent, and can require the most advanced medical treatment and therapies to recover. As we all know, the most advanced medical care usually comes with a very expensive bill.

These medical costs are then left for the victim and their families to cover, as insurance policies usually do not cover the full extent of damages. Medical bills easily surpass the millions of dollars over a lifetime, and this is a cost that the average American family simply cannot pay.

Fortunately the law permits victims of truck crashes to file a truck accident lawsuit against those who are deemed responsible for the accident. If successful, the lawsuit will provide a compensation that aids the victim and their loved ones in paying for medical treatments, lost wages, emotional trauma and more.

Individuals who suffered injuries in a truck crash should consult their circumstances with a truck accident attorney who will be able to analyze the case, explain all of the legal options, and then fight aggressively in a court of law for the client’s deserved compensation.”



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