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Kell High School

Kell High School in Cobb County – a former teacher of the year from the school has been accused of sexual assault.

Former Teacher of the Year Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Assault

Prosecutors in Cobb County have indicted a former Kell Teacher of the Year on five counts of sexual assault. 49-year-old Spencer Herron was formerly employed as a video production instructor at Kell High School. According to investigators, Herron sexually assaulted a Kell High School student over the course of multiple school years, starting when the girl was 16 years old. According to court records, many of these incidents took place on the Kell High School campus and were non-consensual.

Herron was arrested at his home on June 1 and has been in jail since that day on a $55,520 bond.

The alleged victim told investigators that Herron, a former teacher of her’s, met with her several times under the guise of a non-existent school club meeting, beginning in May 2016 and continuing throughout the summer.

She says that Herron texted her when he would be at the school and that he inappropriately touched her several times between summer 2016 and the 2016 fall semester. The student also told investigators that Herron raped her multiple times between January and May of 2017. She also claims that Herron forced her to perform sex acts inside of the high school on multiple occasions in 2017 even after she said “no.”

When Is A School Liable For Sexual Abuse by Staff?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of helps find justice for families affected by sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Here are some of his thoughts on school liability when a student is sexually abused by a staff member:

Clearly, the teachers and other school staff members who sexually abuse students must be held criminally responsible for their actions. But when a student comes forward about sexual abuse, we should also ask if the school has done all in their power to keep their students safe. In some cases, negligence on the part of the school may have allowed a preventable incident of sexual abuse to occur. Some examples might include hiring a teacher with a history of sexual misconduct or abuse that occurred due to negligent supervision.

Assessing school liability for student sexual assault is extremely complicated, especially for cases involving public schools. Determining if your family has grounds for legal action will require a careful overview of your case by an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer.

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