Cincinnati, Ohio - Three Workers Injured, One Missing After Partial Collapse At 4th Street Construction Site

Cincinnati Fire Department Recovery Effort Continues

The partial collapse of the sixth floor of the 4th and Race St. construction occurred Monday, November 25th in the early afternoon hours.  Workers were pouring a segment of the sixth floor when it collapsed down directly onto workers located on the fifth floor.

As of an official press conference held at 7PM on the same day, Lakshmi Sammarco, MD, the Hamilton County Coroner, did not confirm the fourth worker’s passing but did verify that three workers were injured. Of the three injured, two were considered have suffered serious head trauma while another’s ailments were considered minor. The men were treated at nearby Cincinnati Medical Center and Christ Hospital.

After the tragic accident, construction was halted on the Fourth Street project completely. The general contractor of the project, Turner Construction Company, also issued a statement expressing their condolences and offering counseling services to all employees on the site at the time of the incident.

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