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15 former patients have accused Dr. Mario Hernandez of sexually assaulting them during appointments.

Dr. Mario Hernandez Pleads Guilty to 5 Counts of Sexual Battery Involving Patients

On Friday, August 2, Dr. Mario Hernandez of Charlotte pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual battery. Hernandez had been accused of sexually assaulting as many as 15 patients during medical exams at his office, formerly located on the 800 block of East Arrowood Road.

Hernandez turned himself in in 2015 after the first three women came forward with allegations of sexual assaults at his office. The first came forward to report that Hernandez had sexually assaulted her on November 25, 2015. According to the police, two more women came forward shortly after with similar allegations – one on November 30 and another on December 4. He was initially charged with three counts of second-degree sexual offense.

Eventually, an additional 12 women would come forward with complaints about Hernandez allegedly sexually assaulting them – bringing the total to at least 15.

Although he pleaded guilty to five counts, Hernandez will only be sentenced for one of those counts as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Hernandez has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, must register as a sex offender for 30 years, and is required to give up his medical license. He will also be on probation for two years.

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Legal Options For Victims of Doctor Sexual Abuse

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of AbuseGuardian.com has experience representing survivors of sexual abuse by doctors and other medical professionals. Brian has offered to weigh in with some thoughts on the options for legal recourse available to victims of doctor sexual abuse:

The professional relationship between a doctor and their patients is sacred. All doctors have a legal and moral obligation to provide their patients with the best medical care possible and to treat these patients with respect. Most doctors live up to this duty – however, there have also been widespread reports of sexual predator doctors abusing their positions of trust in order to sexually assault their patients.

Patients who have been victimized by their doctors deserve answers and support. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes deserve to be brought to justice in criminal courts. And if the facility where the abuse happened was negligent, that facility should also be held accountable in a civil lawsuit.

In many cases, survivors of doctor sexual assault may have grounds for a lawsuit against their doctor, the facility where the abuse happened, or both parties.

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual assault by a doctor, you can learn more about your family’s legal options by calling our sexual assault victims hotline at (866) 577-2786.

Dr. Mario Hernandez’s Former Office Location in Charlotte, NC

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