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Sparks Nursing Center

Sparks Nursing Center, where a resident was allegedly sexually assaulted.

Sparks Nursing Center Administer Charged with 7 Counts of Failure to Report Abuse

Sparks Nursing Center administrator Lula Wade has been charged with seven counts of failure to report abuse/neglect/exploitation of an adult after a resident was allegedly sexually assaulted at the facility last month.

This arrest follows the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, Jimmy Shrewsberry, who was arrested on February 28 and charged with second-degree rape/mentally incapacitated, second-degree sodomy/mentally incapacitated, and three counts of first-degree sexual abuse. Shrewsberry was an employee of Sparks Nursing Center.

Wade was arrested at her Greenville home on March 7 and has since been released. Shrewsberry appeared in court on March 11 and is being held in MCDC.

Legal Recourse for Nursing Home Abuse Victims and Their Families

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of is a former prosecutor who now represents survivors of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits. Here are some of his thoughts on the options for legal recourse available to nursing home abuse survivors and their families:

Moving your loved one into a nursing home is never easy. It takes time to find a place that you can trust to provide your loved one with the quality of care they deserve and treat them with respect. Sadly, there are too many nursing homes that neglect to provide adequate care. In some cases, these facilities even fail to keep their residents safe from becoming victims of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse.

Victims of nursing home abuse and neglect deserve justice, and their families do as well. Finding out your loved one has been abused or neglected is an extremely painful experience. Victims and their families are both traumatized. Our nursing home abuse lawyers help these victims and families find justice by filing lawsuits against the facilities who failed to keep their loved ones safe.

Victims and their families likely have a strong case for a lawsuit in cases of negligence, such as a nursing home failing to report abuse and allowing an accused abuser to continue working at the facility.

If you or a loved one has become a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, we want to help. You can learn more about your family’s legal options in a free consultation.

Location of Sparks Nursing Center in Central City, KY

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