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Ebenezer Ridges Geriatric Care Center

Ebenezer Ridges Geriatric Care Center in Burnsville, where a former employee is accused of sexually assaulting a resident in March.

Former Nursing Home Assistant Charged With Sexual Assault

Former Ebenezer Ridges Geriatric Care Center employee Isaac M. Aboki was charged Wednesday for sexually assaulting a mentally and physically impaired 70-year-old female resident of the nursing home. The 35-year-old former nursing home assistant faces charges of second and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for the alleged assault on March 10. Aboki was fired by the home after the allegations and remains in jail without bail before his court appearance on Thursday.

The victim suffers from severe cognitive impairment, difficulty communicating with others, and is paraplegic.

Another nursing home staffer allegedly tried to enter a room with Aboki and the victim, but a dresser was blocking the door. After pushing the door open a few inches, the staffer says they witnessed Aboki sexually assaulting the resident on her bed.

How Common Is Nursing Home Sexual Assault?

Our elderly loved ones and neighbors are some of our most vulnerable citizens. Unfortunately, sometimes predators exploit this vulnerability by seeking positions in nursing homes, where they’ll have the chance to sexually abuse residents. Additionally, nursing home residents are sometimes sexually assaulted by fellow residents.  It’s up to nursing homes to do their due diligence and make sure their residents are safe from sexual predators. Employees and residents should both have background checks prior to acceptance to make sure no sex offenders are working or living in the home.

Can Nursing Homes Be Sued For Sexual Abuse?

Here is some legal commentary on the rights of nursing home abuse victims from Brian Kent of

If a nursing home acted negligently and that negligence allowed a resident to be sexually abused, then the nursing home can be held liable if the victim chooses to file a lawsuit. Nursing home ownership has a legal obligation to make sure that their guests are safe. For example, if a resident is sexually assaulted by an employee who was not background checked and had a history of sexual misconduct, the nursing home would likely be considered negligent.

Establishing nursing home negligence is a complicated process which will require a careful investigation by a sexual abuse victims lawyer. Victims and their families should seek legal counsel in order to fully understand their legal options.

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