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Daybreak Youth Services in Brush Prairie

Daybreak Youth Services in Brush Prairie. The facility has been accused of covering up sex abuse allegations.

Court Documents Show Allegations of Unreported Sexual Assaults

According to a report by KATU 2 in Washington, Clark County deputies are planning to spend the next two weeks reviewing evidence collected from a youth treatment center called Daybreak Youth Services. The documents allege that the facility failed to report and attempted to cover up sexual assaults of some of the residents at the inpatient facility.

Daybreak Youth Services is an inpatient facility for teenagers seeking treatment for drug addiction.

On Tuesday, Clark County authorities served search warrants at the youth services office after receiving reports of possible “unlawful sexual contact” between underage clients and staff members at Daybreak Youth Services. Six different incidents are currently under investigation.

Warrants were served for written documents, email records, video footage, computer records, and any other evidence possibly related to the investigation. The sheriff’s department says they’ve been contacted for juvenile runaways, physical fights, and sexual assaults at the facility.

A current employee told KATU that she and other staff members have reported allegations to superiors, but that the allegations were not taken seriously. Court documents recovered in the search reveal employees talking with each other about the alleged sexual misconduct, including their frustrations that sexual misconduct was occurring too often and that management was not doing enough to fix the problem.

The documents also state that multiple former employees claim that they were discouraged from calling 911 unless it was a “life or death” situation and that they must contact a supervisor before calling 911. Failure to contact a supervisor first would allegedly result in a termination.

Legal Recourse For Victims of Institutional Sexual Assault

Attorney contributor Brian Kent is an experienced sexual assault victims lawyer with Here is his perspective on the legal rights of victims of institutional sexual assault:

Rehabilitation centers should be healing environments where addicts can get the help and treatment they need to recover from their addictions. However, some staff members at these facilities are abusive predators who use their positions of trust to sexually assault the individuals they’re supposed to care for.

When a patient is sexually abused in an inpatient facility, it’s important to hold the perpetrator criminally responsible for their actions. Additionally, we must also ask if the facility was negligent in a way that enabled the abuse to occur. An example would be a facility failing to report sexual misconduct, which can create a pattern of abuse if these offenses go unpunished.

If you or someone you love was sexually abused in an inpatient facility, we advise discussing your case with an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer.

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