Bristol Doctor Shannon Finch Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Patient

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Office of Dr Shannon Finch

Office of Dr. Shannon Finch in Bristol, VA. Finch has been accused of sexually assaulting the same patient several times.

Police Capture Sexual Assault By Doctor On Video

Bristol doctor Shannon Finch was arrested on Monday, July 30 for sexual assault. According to warrants filed in Bristol Circuit Court, Finch assaulted the same female patient multiple times and was caught on a hidden camera sting operation during the last of the three assaults.

An unnamed woman says that Finch first assaulted her on May 5 when he groped her and put his mouth on her breast. He assaulted her a second time on June 5 when he attempted to forcibly undress her, groped her, and then attempted to force her to perform a sex act on him. The third assault occurred on July 20 when police set up a hidden camera. Finch attempted to force the woman to perform a sex act before police entered the room and stopped him.

Could There Be More Victims?

Tragically, it’s common for doctors and other medical professionals to exploit their positions of trust and sexually abuse patients. When these cases break, we often see other victims come forward to tell their stories. If you’ve suffered sexual abuse by a medical professional, consider speaking to local law enforcement and an experienced crime victim lawyer about your legal options.

What Are The Legal Options For Survivors?

Sexual abuse by doctors and medical professionals is a major problem in the United States. Attorney contributor Brian Kent has some thoughts on the legal rights of victims of these crimes.

The police are available to help victims by investigating their allegations and arresting the sexual predator responsible for committing the crime. This is a crucial part of finding justice for victims and keeping others safe from abuse by the same person. However, survivors should also be aware that the civil court system can help them more directly. In cases where sexual predators are enabled through the negligence of a third party (such as an employer who didn’t run a background check or failed to take client complaints seriously), the victim could have grounds for a lawsuit against that third party and/or the perpetrator themselves.

Location of Office Where Alleged Sexual Assaults Occurred

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