Bowling Green Township, Ohio - Worker Is Killed In Trench Collapse On Honda Hills Rd Construction Site

Victim Identified As Drew Oswald, A 39-Year-Old Construction Worker From Baltic, OH

The fatal construction accident occurred on Monday, February 17th in Licking County, Ohio just before 10AM. Licking Country Rescue responded to a call regarding a trapped construction worker on the 9900 block of Honda Hills Road SE, north of Interstate 70.

Upon their arrival on the scene, rescue teams encountered the victim, 39-year-old Drew Oswald, trapped inside of a 10-feet ditch that had collapsed. The responding teams were able to partially uncover the victim but found that he was deceased by that time. Half a dozen fire departments were reported to have responded to the emergency.

Randy Thorp, the Licking County Sherrif, indicated that the construction crew was working on a drainage project at the time of the accident. Local authorities are opening an investigation into the incident, with the Ohio state division of OSHA assisting them as well.

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“From the outside, a construction site may look like an orderly workplace where all employees are diligent in following procedures and safety standards. Indeed, this is usually the case.

However, the majority of workplace accidents that take place in the United States can be attributed to the construction industry. This isn’t necessarily due to the carelessness of those who toil on project sites day-in and day-out, but rather the nature of the work itself.

The advancement of technology has seen injury and death rates for construction accidents decrease substantially, but they continue to occur nonetheless. With how severe the consequences can be for victims of injuries and their families, even a single occurrence is one too many. Aside from physical pain, victims will often be faced with significant medical bills. Coupled with the inability to return to work, these financial burdens will often fall back onto the family of the victim and can quickly become unbearable.

A worker’s compensation claim can help take this weight off their shoulders. Unfortunately, worker’s comp system can be quite complex, which is where an experienced construction accident attorney comes in. A legal representative will be familiar with the claims system, and know exactly how to present a victim’s claim. Most importantly, if an injured construction worker has the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit, the attorney will be able to indicate this as well.

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