White Lake Firefighter Falls, Dies On Construction Site Bladen County NC

Victim Identified As 37-Year-Old Mildred Gray Williams Of White Lake, NC

On the morning of Tuesday, October 8th, Williams was part of a construction team working on the metal roof of the Bladen County Water Rescue Building when she fell through the roof, approximately 15 feet.

The call to 911 was made around 10AM; when emergency responders arrived at the scene, it took them some time to get into the building where Williams had fallen. Unfortunately, she would be pronounced dead at the scene by the Bladen County Medical Examiner Chuck Maynard.

Though the victim was also a firefighter for White Lake, at the time of the accident she was working for Young’s Construction. She was present on the construction site as the metal roofing of the building was being replaced.

Williams’ body was translated to Cape Fear Valley-Bladen County Hospital, at which time two ladder trucks formed an arch and hung an American flag from the top in her honor.

As this was a workplace death, local authorities as well as OSHA are conducting an investigation into the circumstances.

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