Beverly, Massachusetts - Three Workers Electrocuted In Fosters Point While Raising Scaffolding

All Were Taken To Beverly Hospital, One Remains In Critical Condition

The incident occurred on Monday, January 13th, around 10:30AM.

The three construction workers were reportedly attempting to raise a scaffolding structure at 7 Fosters Point when one of the metal components came into contact with power lines. The 3 victims all suffered electrocution injuries and were taken to nearby Beverly Hospital were they are being treated. It is believed that one of the men remains in critical condition.

Mike Boccuzzi, a Beverly Police spokesman, indicated that a neighbor had heard the commotion of the nearly-fatal accident and called 911, though the initial report indicated that two men had fallen from the roof. Upon their arrival, emergency crews found the three men on the ground and learned that they had not fallen but had in fact been electrocuted.

No other details have been provided at this time regarding the circumstances of the incident or the status of the victims.

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State law protects all employees, including those on construction sites, from having to pay medical expenses resulting from a workplace injury. The victims just have to file a claim and, once approved, begin receiving benefits.

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