Bellevue, Washington - Worker Suffers Critical Injuries On East Link Light Rail Construction Site

Worker Believed To Have Been Pinned By Heavy Equipment

A Bellevue construction worker was gravely injured the morning of Thursday, October 24th when a piece of equipment reportedly fell on him.

The nearly-fatal incident occurred at a work site for the new East Link light rail project, south of 113th Avenue and on Belleway Way SE.

Bellevue Fire Department emergency units responded to the accident and were able to extricate the victim before transporting him to a local area hospital for treatment.

No additional details have been released at this time with regards to how the accident occurred. Local authorities, as well as Occupational Health and Safety officials, are expected to conduct the corresponding investigations.

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Laurence Banville is an experienced construction injury attorney at BanvilleLaw.com who fights tirelessly on behalf of the victims he represents. In covering this story, I was able to gather the following insight for those who may have suffered injuries while employed on a construction site:

“It’s hard to deny that the labor performed by construction workers throughout the country every single day is absolutely critical for the growth of our nation. It is through their dedication and perseverance that we see our highways maintained, our skylines built, and even our potholes filled.

Moreover, and even though it may not seem like it, these bold men and women are putting their lives at risk every time they step on a construction site. Fortunately, if they happen to suffer an injury, the law has put in place avenues for them to recoup the damages they suffer from a workplace injury.

The most common path for construction injury victims is to file a worker’s compensation claim. This claim, if successful, will disburse benefits that cover medical expenses and sometimes even a portion of wages lost by not being able to work.

But the worker’s comp system is complex, so much so that victims who suffer injuries can often have their claims denied if it’s not properly filed. In other cases, the claim may be accepted, but the amount of benefits awarded are simply not enough to cover all the damages.

This is why victims should seek the help of an experienced legal representative who will be able to guide them through the worker’s compensation system. By counting on the assistance of an assertive construction injury attorney, victims can concentrate on recovery and rest easy knowing that their attorney is handling all of the work necessary to get them the compensation that they deserve.”



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