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Bellevue CHAP school

Bellevue Public School’s CHAP school, where a former student has accused an aide of sexual assault.

Former CHAP Student Accuses Health Aide of Sexual Assault

Police in Bellevue arrested a health paraprofessional employed by Bellevue Public Schools after a former student from CHAP school accused her of sexually assaulting him while he was a juvenile student at the school. The alleged abuse took place at several locations, including the CHAP School, between 2012 and 2014. On September 12, the man told police that he was involved in a sexual relationship with the health aide, 48-year-old Rosie M. Davis, during this time period.

The man would have been between ages 14 and 16 during the time period of the alleged assaults.

After being notified of the charges, the CHAP school placed Davis on administrative leave. She has been employed as a health paraprofessional at the school since August 10, 2006. She was arrested on Friday, September 21 on three counts of sexual assault of a child, and was booked at Sarpy County Jail.

Legal Recourse For Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Brian Kent of is an attorney who specializes in representing the survivors of sexual violence. Here is his perspective on how the legal system can help survivors:

Sadly, we live in a world where all parents must talk to their children and warn them about sexual predators. These predators are often found in positions of trust involving kids, such as our schools, sports leagues, and religious organizations. When a child is sexually abused by a person in a position of trust, it’s crucial both to hold the predator criminally responsible and to determine if a third party’s negligence failed to prevent the abuse.

Sexual assault committed by school employees on school grounds raises many troubling questions, including how the abuse was allowed to occur and why the school didn’t do more to keep their students safe. In some cases, negligence on the part of a school district plays a significant role in failing to prevent sexual abuse. Examples include failing to run background checks on new hires and allowing staff members to continue working even after reports of sexual misconduct or assault.

When negligence plays a role in enabling sexual abuse by a school staff member, the victim’s family may have grounds for a lawsuit against the school district. If you believe your child has been sexually abused at school or by a school employee, you can learn more about your family’s legal options by speaking with an experienced sex abuse victims lawyer.

Location of CHAP School in Bellevue

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