2 Workers Injured After Wall Collapses At College Construction Site Beatrice NE

Victims Suffer Broken Bones And Potential Head Injury After Concrete Wall Collapse

On SCC’s Beatrice campus you’ll find the construction site for a new general purpose classroom building. Regrettably, on Friday, October 4th, it would become the site of an unexpected accident.

Before the end of the day, two unnamed male workers would become seriously injured after a concrete wall that had been previously erected came crashing down.

Both victims were attended by emergency response units at the site and later transported to Beatrice Community Hospital for treatment of their injuries which, while serious, are not believed to be life-threatening. At this time, the extent is believed to be limited to ankle and leg fractures along with head trauma.

The employer of the two victims and contractor of the project, Hausmann Construction, stated that the cause of the wall’s collapse remained unknown, but that it was already under investigation. Local Beatrice PD officer are also on the case.

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Laurence Banville, an experienced construction accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, offered the following insight for those who have suffered workplace injuries and want to explore the legal options at their disposal:

“On many occasions, construction projects are successfully completed without a hitch, and certainly without any injuries or worse. Nevertheless, whenever accidents take place on work sites, they seem to overshadow the majority of other instances when they’re avoided.

This is due to the fact that the repercussions of a construction injury or death are felt far and wide. Families can be put under immense pressure the days, months, and even years after the incident.

Fortunately, there are processes in place for families to find help, and these can vary from case to case. For example, pursuing a lawsuit is one avenue that victims can take if their construction accident was the result of negligence. This circumstance accounts for a minority of construction accidents. On the other hand, a worker’s compensation claim is another recourse available to all workers and especially construction employees. Additionally, a worker’s comp claim can be submitted at the same time as a lawsuit is filed, as these two are separate processes.

If you believe you are in a similar position after having suffered a construction injury, then it could be helpful to discuss your case with an attorney who could explain your options in detail.”



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