Batavia, Ohio - Two Mine Workers Gravely Injured In Underground Mine Accident

Both Workers Remain Hospitalized At University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Two mine workers were injured Wednesday, December 4th in the afternoon hours while working in an underground at Arch Materials (Clermont County) on OH-276.

Reportedly, the two employees were working 1.5 miles underground in a specialized metal cage when it was crushed by a 3-5 foot rock with both men still inside.

Colleagues on the surface made calls to 911 which promptly dispatched rescue helicopters. Meanwhile, the men within the crushed cage reported heavy injuries to medical teams on the surface. Both victims were extricated and airlifted to the University of Cincinnati Trauma Center for treatment.

The identity of the employees has not been released, though one of them is believed to be just 20 years old. Rogers Group, the parent company operating the mine, had not offered any comment at the time of this writing.

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